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Across the United States, police departments are on the forefront of enforcing and defending the Constitution. However, there is a greater need of accountability for both their effectiveness and conduct to increase their legitimacy in the eyes of those they police and to encourage innovation in police practices. In this, I propose a new era of policing — new-wave professionalism.

To transform the police departments for the better, I recommend that police departments:

Big shifts in our system— from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 — have historically awakened a sense of national purpose, demand for government action, and respect for public service in a citizenry accustomed to seeing government as the source of troubles—not their remedy. The pandemic has now placed the country in the middle of another massive disruption. Capitol Riots. Anti-Asian racism. Joe Biden. However, this crisis has also highlighted the dedication and expertise of public servants on the front lines of the pandemic.

However—in today’s agethere are currently six paths for achievement-minded college grads: finance, management consulting, law school, medical school…

Californians deserve privacy online. Unfortunately, Big Tech steals data from us every second we scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or the Daily Cal and sells that data for billions of dollars. It is time we take control of our data and privacy back — back to Californians.

That is why I support Prop 24, the California Privacy Rights Act, an initiative that will allow us to take greater control of our data and privacy. If this proposition passes, it will expand Californians’ abilities to prevent businesses from sharing personal information and take control of what rightfully belongs to us.

Proposition 24…

One of my life mantras is to maintain a pessimistic outlook on life. All the forces can work against me, except the forces emanating out of myself. I take the quote, “Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you” very literally.

It sort of conditions my mindset to balance itself out — when I get too pessimistic about big picture things I get back to finding something productive to do.

Optimism is extremely powerful. The most successful people in entrepreneurship I know have been so optimistic to a point of delusion.

As cliche as it sounds, it’s hard to deliver results when you don’t believe in yourself. And if you don’t believe in yourself, it’s really easy to give up at the first sign of trouble.

When I was volunteering for the Andrew Yang presidential campaign in February of 2020, I remember when Andrew Yang was giving a speech in Iowa about his progression from being a mere “nobody” to fourth in national polling. He talked in detail about the…

Andrew Yang and Sam Altman at a Fireside Chat

Back in November of 2019, I had the honor of hearing two inspirational guest speakers— Andrew Yang (presidential candidate and entrepreneur) and Sam Altman (President of YCombinator) — speak on tech, entrepreneurship, and the future. Both of them are successful startup founders, so they most likely understand what it takes to start a startup.

Even though Andrew and Sam had built different organizations — Andrew built a nonprofit on educating college students on entreprenurship and Sam built an AI company— they understood the importance of understanding one’s user base: “It’s much better to first make a product a small number…

“Biologists take CELL-fies,” I read aloud to a classroom of 12 middle schoolers. As a digital media designer, I utilize Photoshop to create memes — a form of digital media that captures cultural phenomena through humor. I post my memes to a Facebook group where over 195,000 college students can express themselves through shared experiences while also promoting each student’s diverse experiences. …

The economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic are far-reaching — ravaging families, businesses, and communities across the country. As practically 100% of small businesses, charities, and nonprofits nationwide have been affected by the pandemic, millions of individuals and families are left in financial ruin. The present remedies provided by the government will do nothing for the millions of Americans who are living paycheck-to-paycheck. The most effective way to provide immediate relief to people most impacted by COVID-19 is to put money into people’s hands.

Businesses close due to COVID-19

Before the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged our communities, there was support of a Universal Basic Income by…

For the past four days, I spent my time canvassing and volunteering in rural, suburban, and urban areas surrounding Des Moines, Iowa. Despite the fact that it was a lot colder than expected for my Californian roots, it has been a surreal and inspirational experience meeting Yang Gang from around the country and the world. Our individual stories of how we came to realize that Andrew would be our next president came from different spectrums of political, economic, and social reasons. Some of us were aspiring entrepreneurs while some were stay-at-home moms looking to change the world for their children…


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